Film Club

The Film Club meets at the Mint for a light supper at 6.00pm

followed by film and discussion.
This Club offers its members the experience of sharing supper, watching a film and convivial conversation.

We meet around the middle of the most months. A simple meal is provided at 6pm  so that some people can come straight from work. The show commences at 6.45 after which we have coffee and discussion finishing about 9.30 pm.

The members suggest films and if they wish lead the discussions which touch on the film’s artistic merits as well as exploring the issues raised.  For that reason we choose films which are likely to stimulate discussion.  For example:-  matters of belief, political and other dilemmas, conflicts of power and social, psychological and environmental issues.

There is no charge as the catering is shared around the members. However, there is an opportunity, at the end, to make a gift to church funds in celebration of a good night out!

The group is open and would always welcome new members as well as film recommendations to enhance the programme and make for an enjoyable evening.

Phone:  Alan Worthington – 01395 274106