Large Rooms

Worship Area
(250 plus 30 in gallery. Max 400 inc)
Used for Christian worship on a Sunday, this large and airy space is ideal for conference plenary sessions or concerts, but is also used for art exhibitions and large social gatherings. 

Extensive audio-visual facilities can be made available, including use of two large video screens which can also take a feed from the video camera. A video link from this area to the permanent screen in the reception area,  and to the portable screen/Projector in other rooms, is also possible.

The worship area is adjacent to the main kitchen, which can be used for large catering events, and is also adjacent to the main reception area from which interval coffee etc. can be served.

See photos of the worship area below. Click on images for a full size image

Photos Kitchen and Reception area in the main photo gallery

Rowe Hall
(80 Lecture/40 Board-room. Max 100)

Seats approx. 80 (Lecture Room Style) or 40 (Boardroom Style)
A large and airy and newly refurbished first floor hall with lift access.

Old Schoolroom
(60 Lecture/25 Board-room. Max 60) A large Victorian schoolroom with large mirrors on one wall, this room is very popular with dance and martial arts groups. A piano is available, if required.