This year was another quiet yet enjoyable year for MethAng. The MethAng Musical was unfortunately not run again this year but we do hope to continue this tradition in the coming years. We were however, able to hold our annual Mint Meal with you this year and look forward to continuing it the following years. Along with donations from the Mint Meal (which raised a generous £235.30) we also had a bake sale to raise funds for St. Petrock’s.


As per tradition, we did make it to the Silverton Methodist Church service in November and were very welcomed by Patricia, Alec and the rest of the congregation. Our service of readings, hymns and an interesting reflection one of our members, was taken very well by them.


Other events that happened this year included, two visits from the SCM members Jacque and Stephen to talk about Wellbeing and Food Waste, respectively. We had our Christmas dinner at Mill on the Exe this year, followed by some carol singing. Various other talks about street pastors in Exeter as well as a talk about the Royal British Legion. We kindly thank the Mint for their continued support again and look forward to the coming years.


Lydia Sze, Treasurer 2015-2016