A group of Afghans, who arrived in Exeter in the autumn of 2022 has been welcomed to use space at the Mint on a regular weekly basis for socialising and conversation.  This makes a welcome change from their rooms in the hotel.  

Several volunteers from the Mint church meet with them regularly and encourage them to chat and improve their understanding and speaking of English.  Laughter sometimes accomplishes more than words!

The refugees remain amazingly cheerful considering how long most have waited to be housed.  A good number are working and the children are well settled at school.

Appeals to the Mint people and other local churches has brought an amazing response in provision of household items and these have been welcomed. with thanks  Bikes, which can be used to get to work or school are greatly appreciated.  Parents with very young children have been invited to Mini mints playtime on a Friday morning.

The families are now mostly provided with housing although some have had to move out of Exeter.