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Event Series Event Series: Bujinkan South West Dojo

Bujinkan South West Dojo

23 November 2023 @ 19:45 21:15

Training with SW Dojo involves all 18 warrior arts as required by the BujinkanHombu Dojo headquarters in Japan for proper progression in the ways of Ninjutsu. The style of technique, methods and strategies which form the Bujinkan vary greatly, from powerful methods of unarmed self-protection and traditional weapons systems like the Japanese sword, knife, staff, stick and chain, through to more contemporary applications with respect to today’s world. Taijutsu (unarmed body skills) training begins with body conditioning and safe methods of break falling. Next, the student learns how to safely evade attacks and position themselves for any chosen response.

Following these ‘receiving’ methods the student focuses on the principles of grappling and targeted striking skills through to powerful joint locks, chokes and throwing techniques and the use of traditional weapons. All the time, focus is given to the totally natural, vibrant body in motion to generate power in technique and not limited muscle strength. The fighting method of Ninjutsu emphasizes the natural and relaxed body in a natural way to harmonize and amplify simple movements, rather than relying on comparatively limited muscle-power or speed.

The subtle destruction of the attacker’s balance and rhythm, and proper control of distance and timing are the primary interests of all Bujinkan Taijutsu methods. These principles allow even smaller students to effectively defeat larger and more imposing opponents.

All our sessions are taught in a relaxed and friendly manner where each individual is encouraged to develop to the very best of their personal potential. We run a non profit/ non political group and request that all who choose to undertake martial training approach the program enthusiastically and with an open mind.

Steve J. Morgan Bujinkan Shidoshi, 12th Dan
07712 045978 / stevemorgan248@btinternet.com