Travel survey results

Thank you to everybody who took part in the Mint travel survey in June – there were 95 of you (including car passengers), which was a terrific response! The point of the survey was to calculate how much

carbon is produced by our travel to the Mint, as part of measuring the Mint’s carbon footprint. The results are quite interesting reading in any case!

We arrive at church in many different ways. Unsurprisingly, most people come by car. Petrol and diesel cars account for 60% of the miles travelled to church, and just 4% of miles travelled are in hybrid or electric cars. 26% of our travel to church is on public transport, and 27 of us come on foot or by bike, at least some of the time.

*Some people use several modes of transport, so this adds up to more than 95!

When we take account of the amount of carbon typically emitted by each form of transport, using published estimates, we can work out how many tonnes of carbon we put into the atmosphere from our travel to church.

We all want to care for the world God has given us, so how can we reduce our carbon impact? Better solutions are becoming available all the time. Next time we change our car, could we go electric? E-bikes are also increasingly common and can cope with our Exeter hills. Public transport should also become greener as more electric vehicles are used. We can also use carbon offsetting as a way of compensating for our carbon impact.

Come and talk to the Mint Eco Team if you want to explore this together. We are all on a journey to understand and respond as Christians to the climate emergency. Martin Easton