Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups are at the heart of Methodism and play a key role in church life, particularly in a church as large as the Mint. Small groups of people get together either in each other’s homes or at the church for fellowship, study, prayer and mutual support. Everyone can join a Fellowship Group – there are a wide variety which meet at different times and days in the week.

If you would like to join a group, please see Chris Ware our centre facilitator mid week at the Church or a welcome steward on a Sunday and we’ll find you the best group for you.

Ubi House Group

The Ubi house-group meets fortnightly except during the school holidays. We meet in one another’s houses and everyone is welcome. Our group spans a wide age range and our numbers have recently grown.  We take it in turns to lead the group on varying topics that interest us such as areas of social concern and how our faith relates to these. Recently we have been following a book called “Finding the Language of Grace” by Christopher Jamison”

We go away for a weekend away once a year and this year we will be going to East Shallowford Farm on Dartmoor again. We also meet together for social evenings. We all lead very busy lives and the
opportunity for conversation and fellowship is very important for us.

Our group starts at 7.30 pm and we end with tea or coffee. If you would like to know more about us or when we’re meeting please see Sue and Peter Cordery or watch out for dates in the notices.


Tuesday Fellowship

Tuesday Fellowship meets on Tuesday afternoons at the Mint and everyone is welcome. We have an average attendance of about 24 and meet in the worship area, opening each session with a hymn and a prayer. We have talks and power point presentations of holidays, hobbies, topics of interest, various projects and devotional talks. We start at 2.30p.m. and finish with a cup of tea about 3.20p.m. If you want to know more, please contact Sue (Tel. 01392 437796) or p.j.cordery@talk21.com

Family Cafe with Church Mice

A friendly group for pre schooler children, pop in for coffee, conversation and playtime! School Holidays 9.30am – 11.30am Everyone is welcome

Prayer Group

The Prayer group meets each Wednesday between 10am and 10:45am, usually in the Wesley Room.
We sometimes us Celtic liturgy and prayers of intercessions are included. There are opportunities for
open and silent prayer and music is sometimes used to help us focus on Scripture. Everyone is welcome.

Bible Study

Do you sometimes wonder how the Bible can be relevant for your life today?  On wednesday mornings from 11-12 we take the opportunity to look at different parts of the Bible and ask those questions.  There’s opportunity for discussion and sharing ideas.  If you think you might want to give it a try – whether or not you are a regular church goer – then we’d be happy to meet you.

From Easter through to the summer we’ll be exploring the Gospel of John

Korean Bible Study

This is usually held on Wednesday morning at church. The subject varies and this is open to anyone speaking Korean wishing to know more about Christianity and the Bible. Please don’t forget that this is not just a study meeting, but it includes social gathering and prayers for each as well

FISH (Fellowship In Someones Home)

Fish is a House Group that meets on average every other Wednesday with a mix of social activities and bible study sessions. Bible studies are usually hybrid (zoom & in-person) to accommodate those with childcare responsibilities in the evening. Recently we have had bible studies sessions using  Life on the Breadline (Lent Course) and Tree of Life. We have also had some good social events such as picnics, walks, games and a Pancake evening.  We look forward to welcoming any new members.

If you’d like more info you can call Steve Haddad on 077510079227 or by email stevehadd@yahoo.com

Knitting, Crochet and Hand-Crafts

This group meets at 10am-12pm Every Week
Join us for chat, coffee and craft making.


Thursday Discipleship Group

The Thursday Discipleship Group meets at the Mint on the first Thursday afternoon of each month from 2pm till 3.30pm.  We support each other in our daily discipleship by sharing our experiences, allowing conversation to arise, and praying for one another.  And we always have posh biscuits!  We welcome anybody who wants to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ through sharing that journey with others.

See our What’s on page for updates to when these groups are running