We recently held an appeal for work in Gaza and have so far received £978 .16 which has been forwarded to the partner organisations of the Methodist Liaison Office (MLO). One of these is the Princess Basma Hospital which is carrying on emergency rehabilitation and support in Gaza despite their new centre in the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City having been damaged and the staff displaced. Their occupational therapist, Al-Zahraa is sheltering in a school in Rafah where 3000 people are living in crowded and restricted accommodation, and their social worker, Musa is based in a church in Gaza City where a community of sisters run a home for 40 children with disabilities.
Another partner organisation is The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) which is part of the Near East Council of Churches and they are working with some of the most vulnerable civilians in Gaza. They are supporting them with food, medical supplies, fuel for the electrical generator and hygiene products. They do so much work and for further details please see Gaza Appeal – Methodist Church
Thank you so much for your support which will be greatly appreciated.