Church and Welcome Area open 
Monday - Thursday 10am - 4pm
Friday 10am - 12 noon

Join us for Worship this Sunday

10.30am - Morning Worship
6.30pm - Third sunday of the month.


Rooms for group use on weekdays from 9.45am - 9.30pm can be booked.

Rooms also available for groups on Saturday's by arrangement

About Us

The Mint which is situated in Exeter city centre, is a vibrant, gathered church with a membership which stands at 195 and a young church (0-15 years).  We are a broad church with a wide range of theological outlooks and diverse backgrounds, but with a strong liberal theological tradition, and widely regarded as a preaching centre.

Our reception area is staffed by paid and voluntary workers, with modern facilities and full access. We are a busy church and community centre open daily for a wide range of activities and the Plymouth and Exeter District offices are housed in our building.

The facilities have provided opportunities for further outreach into the community, including providing a base for Exeter Foodbank, working with homeless organisations St Petrock’s and supporting local social housing residents.Gabriel House and Bethany House The Mint is a campaigning church which supports a number of local, national and international causes. Mission and Outreach Methodists believe that our church was raised up by God to spread Scriptural Holiness throughout the world.  Accordingly, the Mint Methodist Church is committed to serving Christ, spreading the Gospel, and living out Kingdom values, in the centre of Exeter, throughout the Exeter, Coast and Country Methodist Circuit, and in the world at large.

The Mint is open for nearly 12 hours a day, Monday to Friday, (excluding Bank Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year) as well as for worship on a Sunday and at various other times over the weekend. Our Reception Desk will normally be staffed and the building open for callers during the following hours:
9.45 am – 12.45 pm
1.15 pm – 9.30 pm
9.45 am – 12.45pm
1.15pm – 9.30 pm
9.45 am – 12.45 pm
1.15 pm – 9.30 pm
9.45 am – 12.45 pm
1.15pm – 9.30 pm
9.45 am – 12.45 pm
1.15 pm – 5.30 pm (or 9.30 if required)

Our Church Administrator is at the Reception Desk for 32 hours per week, but we rely on a team of volunteer receptionists to cover the remaining hours